Rubber Repair

Devcon Flexible Urethane Maintenance and Repair

Devcon offers a comprehensive range of solutions for rubber repair and polyurethane replication. Devcon Flexane® repair products are all flexible, urethane resin based materials, available in a range of hardness' with both liquid and putty grades. 

Our Flexane products can be used to create parts that are often hard or impossible to source or require long lead times. The Flexane solution ensures that the operator is able to take control over all aspects required for a successful solution.

In liquid form they are castable, very low shrink compounds for producing new, custom or discontinued rubber parts and flexible moulds.

In putty form they may be used to repair worn or damaged rubber equipment, to form protective coatings as linings in extremely abrasive environments, or for repairs where equipment is subject to wear, impact or vibration.

Devcon Flexane® products bond to metal, rubber, concrete, fibreglass, wood and many other materials, specific primers are available to ensure optimum adhesion dependant on substrate They are all easily applied by trowel or brush and cure quickly to form a 'rubber-like' compound with exceptional tear strength and abrasion resistance. 

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