Nifty Fifty Charity Race


On March 18, 2017 the first Nifty Fifty Endurance Race of the year took place at Route 34 Motocross Park near Winchester, England. The Nifty Fifty is an endurance race for mopeds and scooters and the winning team is whoever completes the most laps in 5 hours. The race is a charity event where each team raises funds for their favorite charitable organization. The size of the donations is determined by the number of laps completed.

Devcon were represented by the team “The Runts of Rotron” who managed to position themselves at an 11th place in their class with impressive 107 completed laps. The team kept the bike going for all 5 hours by using Devcon products to mend any damages. A member of the team, Catherine Lin, said:

"We used Devcon to plug up a hole in our engine (the original plug was damaged). It did a great job and we managed to finish the race with few problems from our bike". 

We are always happy to hear about some of the many application possibilities of our products. The Runts of Rotron completed a magnificent race and we are proud of being a small part of it.

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