Lakeland Dairies, Ireland

Anti-Slip Installation at Lakeland Dairies' Milk Powder Plant


The stainless steel checker plate access landings and stairs were old and worn and often found to be slippery due to the nature of the environment they were in. Rather than liquid causing the issue it was the milk powder itself which resulted in sometimes treacherous conditions on these metal areas.

After a series of 3 incidents where operatives had slipped and sustained injuries the HSE officer was keen to address this area of the plant which was identified as the root cause of the issue.

A complete replacement was not an option on cost grounds.


A suitable system was identified from the Devcon range, Floor Grip, a two component epoxy system with excellent adhesion to a number of substrates also incorporating a third element, added after application, aluminium oxide particles designed to give the required non slip finish.

After suitable surface preparation all 90 steps and 4 landings in these area of the plant were coated. The resulting coating provided the desired non slip finish.


HSE officer Ray **** said, some weeks after completion of works ,“Floor Grip from Devcon has provided the perfect solution and is ideal for our operating conditions. It has vastly reduced the risk of a slipping incident in this area of our plant”.

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