Screw Pump Repair

Screw Pump Repair on the Oil Tankers VIMSI and RISTNA


Engineers discovered the screw housing gap had increased up to 3mm as a result of
radical abrasion and corrosion. The repair and maintenance work required had to be
carried out quickly in order to get them fully operational with minimal downtime.

Furthermore, the precision required in the construction of screw pumps demanded very carefully installed coatings in order for the pumps to be fully functional. 


  • Repairs were carried out by screw finish machining, sandblasting of the housing and
    then degreasing.
  • The housing was then restored using Devcon Titanium Putty, which was manually
    machined with the use of a control pattern. Ideal for providing chemical and abrasion
    resistant surfaces.
  • Finally Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue was applied to create a protective barrier
    against future abrasion, erosion or chemical attack and provide an exceptionally
    smooth surface.


Both pumps are now operating at 98-99% of their normal capacity and are protected from future corrosion. Another successful repair using Devcon products which helped the engineers to overcome the limitations of materials/parts and prolong the life of the equipment with minimal downtime and material costs.

Screw House Before

Screw House After

Applied Products

ITW Engineered Polymers