Waste Gas Pipeline Repair

Waste Gas Pipeline Repair for MOL – Petrolszolg, Hungary


NA 900 pipeline transporting waste gases to torch chimney had serious corrosion because of corrosive diluted gases on the bottom part. Emergency repair was needed due to operational problem which would normally mean a costly emergency shutdown.


  • Complete affected area 600x600 mm around the holes was sandblasted to a SSPC-SP5 white metal finish to remove all corrosion.
  • After chemical cleaning, leakages were stoped by applying 1-min epoxy.
  • To have more time, Plastic Steel 5 Min Putty (SF) was applied over the 1-min epoxy.
  • Due to agressive chemicals, Titanium putty was applied in 3 mm thickness afterwards. In some hardly serviced areas Brushable Ceramic was applied too.


The repair was completed whilst the pipeline was still in service and for this reason it was only possible to make exterior repairs to extend the life of the pipeline until a scheduled shut down could be undertaken to replace the section or effect remedial works on the inside giving direct protection from the corrosive liquid.

All materials used for the repair were resistant to the conditions and thus they would provide a medium term solution although it would still be the case that the metal would be attacked on the inside of the pipeline and would ultimately corrode through outside of the repair area. The repair enabled several months of additional life and prevented a costly emergency shutdown which would be the only other solution.



Applied Products

ITW Engineered Polymers