Waterslide Repair

Waterslide Repair for the City of Chemnitz


Reindli & Co.

Reindli & Co. were employed by the administrators of the sports facilities of the City of
Chemnitz to carry out repair and maintenance work to the public waterslide.



Deterioration of the surface of a public waterslide due to age of the slide and chemical
attack has resulted in its closure. The existing lining began to peel, causing recesses in
the concrete presenting a safety hazard.



  • The damaged area is prepared using Flexane Primer FL-20 to ensure maximum
    adhesion of Devcon Flexane 80L.
  • Devcon Flexane 80L was then applied to cover the primed areas for exceptional
    abrasion and wear resistance.


The waterslide slide has now been lined with a smooth surface, which also offers
resistance to further abrasion and chemical attacks

Applied Products

ITW Engineered Polymers